Remembering Captain David Hortman is the main goal for this event and we need your help! Do you have a funny story or a heroic moment that you’d love to share? Read the memories posted below or write your own!

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Memories of Dave

  1. Although I didn’t know Dave Hortman that well, it’s an honor to be a part of Dave’s Run and help remember such a great soldier and friend.

  2. The only things small about Dave were his shirts. The largest part of him was his heart. He gave all and inspired so many to live, laugh, and love. I’m honored to have known him and will gladly break out my running shoes for this event. Thanks, Boy’s State for putting this on.

  3. Dave was extraordinary in every way. He had a servant heart and it showed in everything he did. He was a great American and a great friend. I’m a better ‘me’ because of Dave and I’m proud to call him my brother.

  4. I remember David’s sense of humor the most. He could always keep things “light” without diminishing the job at hand. When Dave was around us at Boys State, you couldn’t help but have a laugh.

  5. David was the most courageous person I have ever met when faced with adversity. He loved God and Country and he inspired everyone around him to be a better person. Our lives will never be the same without him.

  6. David Hortman epitomized leadership. I am so pleased to see this event come to fruition which essentially extends his influence to others…something he did consistently in life, and now after.

  7. I’ll remember Dave’s humility. He excelled at things that most of us would shout from the mountaintops, yet most of us never knew about them because his humility wouldn’t allow him to exalt himself. Instead, he was focused on others and how he could impact their lives for the better.

  8. I’ll always remember David being “that guy” in high school that everyone wanted to be. He was smart, funny, athletic, and always had girls talking about him! I’ll also always remember him being the one to motivate our cross country team. “It’s time to get loud, it’s time to represent, Byrnes High Rebels WHAT TIME IS IT?!?!” I’m looking forward to honoring David by running in this event.

  9. David is a young man that once you have met him and got to know him you NEVER forget. Very respectful to everyone. A wonderful person and I am so very glad that I was able to have him in my life and to know him. I miss him greatly and think of him always.

  10. Dave was my roommate freshman year at Lipscomb University, and I can’t believe how much of an impact he made on me that year before we went our separate ways. He was a great friend, leader, soldier, and Christian. I’ll never forget his limitless love for God and country (and his alarm going off at 5am for cross country practice!) and I know he would be proud of this event and it benefitting Boys State.

  11. CPT. Hortman was my team leader in SERE. He was a great leader and friend for those few weeks of pain. Under his lead, our team made it through with little difficulty. As a fellow aviator from SC, I was reminded of how quick things can end in our chosen path. I will never forget him.

    • Thanks for your memory Matt! We miss David so much and appreciate those who still remember him and his sacrifice. Hope to see you in June! A proud and grateful Mom!

  12. I miss Dave everyday. I feel so blessed to have known him. He was always ready with a funny movie quote to brighten my day. He managed to be amazing at everything he did all while staying incredibly humble.

  13. Dave, was one of a kind. I miss him everyday. The only thing that gives me peace is knowing he is right there with our Lord everyday and knowing that one day I will see him again. Love you Dave!